Backventiler - HCVU-M - Fluidfit HCVU push-fit connection check valve (mm)
  • Backventiler - HCVU-M - Fluidfit HCVU push-fit connection check valve (mm)

Fluidfit HCVU push-fit connection check valve (mm)

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Fluidfit® HCVU push-fit connection (pushfit) check valve, available in several sizes. Select the size you want from the drop-down menu.

Select size: Non-return valve (12 mm x 12 mm)
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These push-fit connections from Fluidfit® can be used in conjunction with or replace push-fit connections of other brands from, for example, John Guest® or dmfit®.

It pays to buy larger quantities, always quantity discount when buying more than 10 pieces and even more when buying a whole box.

Fluidfit JG Dmf ØD ØP L B Weight Box
HCVU0404B 4 13,2 44,4 14,7 6,1
HCVU0606B 6SCV ACHV0606M 6 15,5 45,5 16,1 7,4 50
HCVU0808B ACHV0808M 8 17,6 48,6 17,5 10,0 50
HCVU1010B 10SCV ACHV1010M 10 20,0 57,6 19,4 14,5 25
HCVU1212B 12SCV ACHV1212M 12 23,6 67,5 23,9 22,1 25

This valve allows one-way flow and blocks reverse flow. Opening pressure 0.02 Bar. Compact size and easy to use in confined spaces. Fast installation and easy maintenance.

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    How does Fluidfits check valves work?

    This valve allows one way fluid flow and blocks the reverse flow. Opening pressure 0,02 Bar.

    Compact size and convenient to be used in a narrow space. Fast installation and easy maintenance. 

    The maximum working temperature is 65 °C for continuous use and 90°C for short-term (5 minutes max) use.