For what applications can the Fluidfit products be used?

Fluidfit products are designed for water, food and air contact but can be used with selected gases, vacuum & other liquids.
The pushfit functionality allow the tube to be connected and released quickly, saving time and expenses.

Fluidfit products are made of NSF and ACS approved non-toxic material. According to DVGW worksheet W 270, materials which are used in the drinking water sector, must have a surface which excludes an unwanted surface fouling by microorganisms.

CDC Fluidtech Europe’s POM (colors Black, Grey and Natural) is suitable for the use in drinking water systems according to the results of the microbiological examinations pursuant to DVGW Technical standard W 270 (11/2007).

Fluidfit meets the requirements for the product group:
Fittings for pipes with DN < 80 mm in contact with cold water (23°C).