How does Fluidfit pushfit connections work and how are they operated?

How to connect

Make sure that the tube size and the push-in system size of the fittings are the same. Cut square (90° angle) the part of the tube that will be inserted into the fittings using the proper tube cutter.

Make sure that the tube used is clean and does not present have any scratches, crackes, cuts or deformity.

Before inserting the tube, please remove any possible obstruction inside the fitting.

Make sure that the tube is correctly and fully inserted. Inserting the tube into the fitting requires a moderate pressure. The tube and the fitting should not be scratched or damaged during the insertion, otherwise there may be leaks or further wrong functions.

Please connect the tube by hand, without using any kind of tool, whether dedicated or not.

To make sure that the fitting is properly connected to the tube, please pull it once without releasing the collet.

After pulling a locking clip of the right dimension can be fitted between the fitting body and the collet to further secure the fitting.

Push once more the tube into the fitting for a complete insertion. The use of our locking clips avoids accidental disconnections of the tube and eliminates any play between the tube and the fitting. All the performance limits indicated in the technical information are related to systems assembled with locking clips installed.

How to disconnect

Make sure that the pressure has been completely removed from the system before disassembling the tube. In order to disconnect the tube, remove the locking clip first

Push the collet in the direction of the body of the fitting and pull the tube keeping the collet pushed in order to disconnect the tube from the fitting.

Fittings and tubes can be reused providing that they are not ruined and correctly working. It is possible to reuse them only in case of maintenance and only using the same fluid used before. The reuse refers to the push-in system only, being not guaranteed for the threaded part of the fittings. In case of reuse of a tube, the part previously inserted into the fitting has to be cut and the whole tube has to be verified.