HUCP-I - FluidFit HUCP Union connector tube to metal pipe (inch)
  • HUCP-I - FluidFit HUCP Union connector tube to metal pipe (inch)

Fluidfit HUCP Straight connection for metal pipes (inch)

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Fluidfit® HUCP push-fit connection straight connection for metal pipes, available in several sizes. Select the size you want from the drop-down menu.

Select size: Straight connection for metal pipes (5/16" hose x 5/16" tube)
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These push-fit connections from Fluidfit® can be used in conjunction with or replace push-fit connections of other brands from, for example, John Guest® or dmfit®.

It pays to buy larger quantities, always quantity discount when buying more than 10 pieces and even more when buying a whole box.

Fluidfit JG Dmf ØD1 ØD2 ØP1 ØP2 L Weight Box
HUCP 1/4-5/16G 1/4 5/16 19,3 20 41,4 96 50
HUCP 1/4-3/8G SI030812S APSUC0604 1/4 3/8 19,3 20 41,8 94 50
HUCP 5/16-5/16G SM040808S APSUC0505 5/16 5/16 19,3 20 42,9 95 50
HUCP 5/16-3/8G SI041012S APSUC0605 5/16 3/8 19,3 20 43,3 112 50
HUCP 5/16-1/2G SI41016S 5/16 1/2 19,3 23,6 48,2 12 50
HUCP 3/8-5/16G SI041210S APSUC0506 3/8 5/16 22,3 20 45,6 114 50
HUCP 3/8-3/8G SI041212S APSUC0606 3/8 3/8 22,3 20 46 114 50
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Fluidfit technical info & ma

Fluidfit technical information and manual

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Fluidfit translation table

Fluidfit Translation Table JG & DMFIT

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    How does Fluidfits fittings for steel pipes work?

    The Fluidfit Steel Fit fittings have been manufactured in order to satisfy the requirements related to the connection of stainless steel pipes with or in combination with hoses or other steel pipes 


    We recommend to read and follow all the instructions, precautions and warnings contained in this FAQ section before using the products in pressurized systems.

    Failure to follow all instructions, precautions and warnings may result in bodily harm or property damages. CDC Fluidtech Europe or any of it partners disclaims any responsibility in case of damages for wrong use of the products.

    How to connect

    For the part of the fitting to be connected to standard tubing (plastic or soft metal

    types), please refer to the instructions at the separate FAQ page. 

    Make sure that the tube size and the push-in system size of the fittings are the same.

    Cut square (90° angle) the part of the tube that has to be inserted into the fittings using the proper tube cutter. Do not use hacksaw.

    Make sure that the tube used is clean and does not present any scratch, crack, cut or deformity and always deburr the tube before the insertion in order not to damage the o-rings. Before inserting the tube,

    please remove any possible obstruction inside the fitting.

    Unscrew anticlockwise the nut by hands making two turns in order to fully release the fitting.

    Make sure that the tube is correctly and fully inserted.

    Inserting the tube into the fitting requires a moderate strain. The tube and the fitting

    should not be scratched or damaged during the insertion, otherwise there may be

    leaks or further wrong functions.

    Please, connect the tube by hands, without using any kind of tool, whether dedicated or not.

    Keep the tube into the fitting completely inserted and screw by hands the nut clockwise up to the fully screwed position.

    This will grant a perfect seal of the system and the tube will be fully gripped.

    How to disconnect

    Unscrew anticlockwise the nut by hands making two turns in order to fully release the fitting.

    Push the collet in the direction of the body of the fitting and pull the tube keeping

    the collet pushed in order to disconnect the tube from the fitting.