HSTB-I - FluidFit HSTB Bulkhead flow regulator (inch)
  • HSTB-I - FluidFit HSTB Bulkhead flow regulator (inch)
  • HSTB-I - FluidFit HSTB Bulkhead flow regulator (inch)
  • HSTB-I - FluidFit HSTB Bulkhead flow regulator (inch)

Fluidfit HSTB flow control valve for installation (inch)

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Fluidfit® HSTB push-fit connection flow control valve at an angle for installation, available in several sizes. Select the size you want from the drop-down menu.

Select size: Flow control valve for installation (1/4" x 1/4")
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These push-fit connections from Fluidfit® can be used in conjunction with or replace push-fit connections of other brands from, for example, John Guest® or dmfit®.

It pays to buy larger quantities, always quantity discount when buying more than 10 pieces and even more when buying a whole box.

Fluidfit JG Dmf ØD ØP T E1 E2 Lmin Lmax A B H Weight Box
HSTB1/4-1/4G ABCUC0404 1/4 15,5 M12xP1 22,2 44,4 45,5 50,4 5,0 16,9 16 28,9 50
HSTB3/8-3/8G ABCUC0606 3/8 20,0 M15xP1 26,1 52,1 52,7 58,4 6,0 19,8 19 54,0 25

These smart regulators get precise control of the flow. Its innovative design enables them to be used for installation in structures. When installing, only the adjusting screw becomes visible.

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Fluidfit technical info & ma

Fluidfit technical information and manual

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Fluidfit translation table

Fluidfit Translation Table JG & DMFIT

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    How does Fluidfits hand valves work?

    Suitable for air and fluids. Compact size and convenient to be used in a narrow space.

    Maximum flow rate.

    The hand valves must only be used in fully open or fully closed position.

    How does Fluidfits ball valves work?

    These valves are specially designed for mounting with flexible tubes and allow to stop the flow in case of need

    How does Fluidfits flow regulation valves work?

    Thanks to the bulkhead system, the regulators of the Fluidfit range allow a precise regulation of the flow acting outside the devices even if they are placed inside.

    The regulators of the Fluidfit range allow a precise regulation of the flow.